Tema GDM: Acemone Userlist 0.69

Dopo giorni di coding e innumerevoli prove, ecco finalmente la prima alpha di Acemone con lista utenti. Pienamente funzionale su 1280×800, ancora da testare a risoluzioni alte e basse. La disposizione molto diversa dal tema orginale è stata resa il più accattivante possibile, ma si accettano consigli su come continuare lo sviluppo di questa versione. Segnalatemi Bug e problemi eventuali e li correggerò prima possibile! Download con il (nuovo) tasto qui sotto!


After days of coding and many tests, the first Acemone with Userlist alpha is out. Works perfectly on 1280×800, tests with higher and lower resolutions will be done soon. The disposition of items in the theme is very different from standard Acemone, prettier as much as I can do. Advices in this sense are more than welcome, please report bug and problems and I will fix them as soon as possible. The (new!) button below will start your download.

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  1. Farid Says:

    i like it!

  2. rizalation Says:


  3. wenuban Says:

    so beautiful!

  4. antonio urbina Says:


  5. Carlos Says:


  6. JOUANNET Says:

    Thanks for download

  7. pablo Says:

    hope it works for me, im excited!

  8. humbrosa Says:

    Itś great your theme

  9. prdip Says:

    Very good to look.

  10. lio Says:


  11. khmer Says:


  12. yannah Says:

    very very beautiful

  13. chang Says:

    very good

  14. Arun Says:

    Very Cool

  15. Eduardo Says:

    Very nice I really like the color scheme you used. Sweeeet!!!!!

  16. devil Says:

    very good theme, thanks 😉

  17. Photon dark Says:


  18. esc Says:


  19. feune Says:

    very cool

  20. fuller9box Says:

    I like. Very nice indeed

  21. Jose Says:

    Esta chido

  22. Amol Says:


  23. Emerson Santos Dumont Says:

    This is very nice

  24. Frank Says:


  25. mohaned_nj Says:

    it looks nice …….. ill try it now

  26. Kevin Says:

    I have downloaded your theme, it looks fantastic.

    I’m using Ubuntu 9.10 and when I try to use the System\Preferences\Appearance\Themes to install it (either by dragging or clicking install), I get an error ‘”AcemoneList” does not appear to be a valid theme.’

    I searched around and found all kinds of what appear to be conflicting answers about .themes, compile/make, using aptitude, etc…

    Would you help me to install this theme?

    Thank you

  27. Siddolo Says:

    Because it’s not a theme for desktops, but only a theme for the login manager 😉 You can install it by dragging into System > Administration > Login Screen 😉

  28. amine Says:

    good job

  29. Ub_9.10_am Says:

    muy bueno thanks!!!

  30. Marcelo Says:

    Muy bueno. Estéticamente impecable. Gracias por tu generosidad.

  31. thegoodmelon Says:

    Just one question – Where is the Donate button? 🙂 But I am serious, this is just too good! Great work, good job! Thanks Siddolo.

  32. Siddolo Says:

    Well, I never considered donations for supporting my work, this affection and appreciation is enough to keep me working on these projects. Maybe if some money will be needed to move to another domain, it will become a possibility. 🙂 Thanks for your kind words anyway! 🙂

  33. diablojjj Says:


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  35. Nicel Says:

    Great job, by the way, what was your friend on when he made that wallpaper?

  36. deniggi Says:

    hey, it looks really amazing, but i am not able to install it. i’m using ubuntu 10.04lts and when i try to drag it to login screen it doesnt work. could you help me?

  37. Siddolo Says:

    That is because of the new login manager. Ubuntu 10.04 uses no longer gdm2 for manage the login, so you have to install gdm2 to use this theme 🙂 Thanks for the appreciation anyway! 🙂

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  40. ZhoZhune Says:

    Thanks ! It’s wonderful !

    Merci ! C’est trop beau !

    Grazie ! E meraviglioso !


  41. jane Says:


  42. Aaron Says:

    how to install it in 11.04?
    i’m a newbie to Ubuntu.

  43. Siddolo Says:

    Ubuntu 11.04 uses a different login manager: you have to install GDM2 as your default login manager in order to use this “old” theme 🙂