Who I am:

  • Name: Sergio Carnevale
  • Birth Date: 11.09.1987
  • Where I live: Pavia, Lombardy, Italy

What I do:

  • Degree in Medicine and Surgery @ University of Genoa.
  • Specialty Diploma in Anathomic Pathology @ University of Pavia.
  • Still studying C++.
  • Used to develop GDM 2.20 login themes – Also coding MDM themes.
  • Working on small advertisement graphic and web-design elements. When I have time 😉

How I speak:

  • I speak Italian, naturally.
  • First Certificate in English, passed on March 2006.
  • I understand Spanish and Portuguese, but my speaking skills are quite limited.

My technologies:

  • Laptop: Asus N53S, powered by Linux Mint (Nadia)
  • Mobile: Xiaomi Mi8